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Contract and bond FAQs

The deed of Sale and Building Agreement has been signed by me. What is the next step?

The Contract will be presented to the Developer. As soon as he is satisfied with it, he will sign it and the original documents will be handed to the Transferring Attorneys.
Will someone contact me once I have signed the contracts?

Yes, the Transferring Attorneys will contact you and see to the finalisation of your finances and provide you with copies of the signed contracts. The Deed of Sale stipulates that a deposit is payable on acceptance by the seller. Guarantees must be issued for the balance of the purchase price and the building costs.
In the event of a Mortgage Bond, what are the procedures?

The loan application will be handled by the Bond Originators nominated by the Developer. Both the Transferring Attorneys and Bond Originators will contact you for all the relevant documentation that will be required. It is of the utmost importance that all relevant documentation that is required be supplied to the Bond Originators, so that the loan applications can be processed.
What will the situations be if no Mortgage Bond is needed?

The Transferring Attorneys will make the necessary arrangements with you so that bank guarantees can be issued. Alternatively you may pay the full purchase price for the erf and the building contract into the trust account of the Transferring Attorneys. The amount will be invested in your favour and paid out in accordance with the conditions of the Deed of Sale and Building Contract.

When is payment due for the erf?

Transfer of the erf will take place as soon as the developer has installed all services and the municipality has issued a certificate to this effect. The expected date is ____________________ 20___. Thereafter the transfer will take place. Payment of the purchase price of the erf is on date of registration. The Transferring Attorneys will advise you accordingly by means of a SMS, e-mail or fax.

When will payment occur for the dwelling?

If you are registering a mortgage bond, payment will occur as follows:

During the building process valuations will be done by the nominated project manager and/or quantity surveyor, as well as the appraiser of the financial institution concerned. Arrangement will be made for you to sign documents as requested by the bank so that payments can be made. Where the dwelling is paid for in cash, the Transferring Attorneys will make arrangements for payments in accordance with the Building Contract.