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General FAQs

When will I be able to take occupation?

The developer’s Marketing Agents will keep you informed concerning the progress of the building works and will give you an indication of the expected occupation date. The occupation date will be determined by the terms and conditions set out in the Building Contract and at this point the final date can not be determined. Weather conditions and changes to the building plans can cause delays. You will be kept informed.

When will the Rates, Taxes and Levies be my responsibility?

As soon as the erf is registered in your name, you will be responsible for payment of Rates & Taxes as well as the availability fees for sewerage and water. The local municipality will inform you in due course of the amounts that are payable. In accordance with the terms in the Deed of Sale you will be responsible for the levies payable to the Burgundy Estate Master Homeowners’ Association. This amount will be calculated on a pro rata basis as the building is still incomplete. You will be informed by the Managing Agent of the amount payable.

Excluding the purchase price of the erf and the building costs, which additional cost will I be responsible for?

The transfer fees are included and this will be paid by the Developer. Should you require a mortgage bond to be registered, the additional bond registration fees and costs will be your responsibility. In the event that changes were made to the specifications and you and the Developer have agreed in writing thereto, then there will also be an additional expenditure for such changes or upgrades.

Can I sell the unit before completion?

Yes, but only with the written permission of the Seller. The transfer to the new buyer will only take place once the dwelling has been completed. You will still be responsible for all payments of the building costs. A sale between you and the third person will be entirely a separate and independent transaction. In the event that the new buyer requires changes to the specifications, then all the parties concerned will have to agree in writing on the changes and payment will have to be made in accordance with the Developer’s requirements. If the new buyer changes the specifications and the sale does not materialise for some reason, then you will have to accept the changes. Or arrange with the Developer to change the specifications to your requirements and against payment of any additional costs.