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Home HOW TO’s – June 2013

Quick and easy how-to references for some of the most common home decorating challenges.

This month we talk season decor, organisation, accessorising and colour choice. Happy home decorating!

HOW TO… decorate your home for winter

Decorate your home for winter
The power of colour to influence how we feel is not to be understated, by creating a warm colour palette or accessorising an existing theme with the right colours, you can evoke a sense of comfort and warmth.
Get more advice here:

How to organise your home with great storage solutions

Organise your home

Group items together, declutter unused items, make the most of space and more great tips can be found here:

HOW TO… arrange cushions

Arrange cushions
Do not underestimate pillow power and how these simple accessories can transform a room.
Get some advice on how to do it right here:

HOW TO … choose the right paint colour for your home interior

choosing paint

When to go neutral or bold and how to create a colour scheme that works. Read more advice here:

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