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How to create an indoor or patio garden

Spring has sprung the grass has ris, I wonder where your garden is?

Townhouse and apartment living might not present rolling lush lawns and roof-high trees but limited space should not limit your interst in creating a green space for you and your family to enjoy. Don’t deny yourself the sights and smells of spring, get your creative juices flowing, get your hands dirty and get your garden on.

Growing up

There are many great vertical garden solutions for those with limited balcony space or those with nothing more than a front door entrance to utilise.

Vertical gardens

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Use an old wooden palette, glass jars or recycle other items to create vertical gardens for indoors or outdoors.

Step outside

If you have the outdoor space of a patio or balcony here are some tips on how to create a green space that doubles as an outdoor room; adding valuable living space to your home.

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  • Use window boxes or a border of containers to define your outdoor room, giving it form.
  • Mix plants for varying shades of green and colour to create interest and depth.
  • Use containers that make design statements adding decor value to your space.
  • Plants with height offer privacy from neighbours and provide welcome shade on warm days.
  • Creepers work fantastically to integrate the strcuture of the wall space and the containers; making the space as nautral as possible.
  • Add plants with pleasant aromas such as jasmine and lavender.
  • Consider including a water feature or bird feeder to welcome bird life to the space. The sound of running water is also very relaxing.
  • Choose indigineous water-wise plants to minimise cost and time in their care.

Fresh flavour

Add flavour to your life and your food with a useful and beautiful kitchen herb garden. Sunny windows provide the perfect spot for a creative collection of herbs; old fashioned tins, giant tea cups, little buckets, wooden crates and baskets all make unique containers that sit at arm’s reach for your cullinary genius.

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Creativity in bloom

Surrounding yourself with delightful plants makes for a happy home. Research proves that having plants in and near our homes improve our health and sense of well being, there is even proof that they assist with the healing process and reduce stress. They also improve our air quality, they:

  • Reduce levels of cabon dioxide,
  • Reduce airborne dust particles
  • Clean the air of certain pollutants,
  • Improve humidity,
  • Cool the temperature.

Creative indoor gardens

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With clever and creative planting, you can also add decor value to your home and create private escapes into a green world.

So spring has sprung and with this great advice, your garden just begun!